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8" x 14" Superior ProForm® Ultra Blue Combination blade


Float and finish your concrete slab without changing blades. Heavy-duty blue blade is designed to provide even coverage when using ride-on or walk-behind power troweler machines. This high quality blade lasts 15-25% longer than standard blades. Each blade is made of heavy-duty steel to exacting specifications for a superior blade. Designed with a hard thick steel to cut down on blade changes on the job creating a longer life and greater performance than standard blades. The combination blade has upturned ends with a floating edge to push down aggregate and allowing water to come to the surface and then complete the job to a strong finish. The 14" x 8" blade fitsmachines from Boren, Husqvarna, and Superior machines. Proudly made in the USA.

  • Lasts 15-25% longer than standard blades
  • Each blade is designed for longer life and greater performance
  • Blades made of heavy-duty steel to exacting specifications
  • Floats and finishes concrete
  • Hard thick steel for fewer blade changes
  • Use with walk-behind or riding power troweler machines
  • Fits on Boren, Husqvarna, and Superior machines
  • Made in the USA