#80 8" Carbide Nippers with 5/8" Offset Jaws (Both Edges Straight)

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Carbide Tipped Offset Jaws Tile Nippers The 5/8" biting surface is carbide tipped to provide extra strength when cutting tile. Both of the offset jaws features a straight shape for easy biting action when nipping away at tile. A handle stop is positioned below the fulcrum to protect both the carbided tip of the jaws and the user's fingers. The 8" nippers have a 3/16" opening for standard tile. A center spring between the handles returns the jaws to an open position. Use the handles close to the end for best leverage. Green plastic handle grips provide comfort and a secure grip during use. Use this Nipper when cutting tile and porcelain materials around outlets, pipes, and odd shapes. Proudly made in the USA. Warning: Always use proper eye protection with tile nippers.
  • 5/8" biting surface for tile and porcelain
  • Carbide-tipped jaws for strength
  • Offset jaws for easy nipping
  • Made in the USA
Item ID ST020
Weight 0.70 LB (0.32 kg)
Length 8 in. (20.32 cm)
Width 2.25 in. (5.7150 cm)
Height 0.75 in. (1.9050 cm)
Material Carbide Tipped Forged Steel
Handle Covered Grip (ST112)
Handle Material Plastic
Handle Length 4.625 in. (11.74750 cm)