#400 1/2" Replacement Carbide Scoring Wheel for Tile Cutters

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1/2in Carbide Scoring Wheel This blade fits on any of the Superior Tile Cutters (Kraft Tool #ST002, ST004, ST006, ST007) to extend the life of the tool. The carbide blade provides hardness, strength, and longevity. Move the blade around for even wear and an even longer life. Blade can also be sharpened to increase its life. Each wheel is fitted with bushing, washer, screw and locknut. Proudly made in the USA.
  • Carbide blade for strength and hardness
  • Can be sharpened for extended use
  • Includes bushing, washer, screw and locknut
  • Fits all Superior Tile Cutters
Item ID ST048
Weight 0.10 LB (0.05 kg)
Diameter 1/2 in. (1.270 cm)
Material Carbide Wheel
Package Contents Carbide Wheel, Bushing, Washer, Screw, Locknut
Blade Material Carbide
Blade Length 0.5 in. (1.270 cm)
Blade Type Wheel
Accessories Small Tile Cutter (ST002), Medium Tile Cutter (ST004), Large Tile Cutter (ST006), Jumbo Tile Cutter (ST007)