Large Tile Cutter 15" x 15" with #400 Carbide Wheel (#2A-400)

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Superior Tile Cutter®, Inc. and Tools Large Tile Cutter with #400 Carbide Wheel This large tile cutter cuts up to 10" tiles straight or 7" tiles diagonally. Cuts bull nose, shoe-base, quarter rounds, wall, thin vitreous, quarry, porcelain, sheet ceramic tiles. Replaceable carbide cutting wheel (Kraft Tool #ST048) provides a smooth score for superior results. An adjustable angle gauge attached to the cutter provides consistency and accuracy when determining sizes and angles of cuts. Padded work surface provides comfort and cushioning while working with delicate tile. This Tile Cutter features 6" of work space on each side of the breaker bar allowing plenty of space when working with small or medium sized tile. Durable cast aluminum construction is designed to be light weight for portability, but strong for longevity. Easy to set up and start using immediately, just insert and adjust the thumb screw based upon the thickness of tile. Easy to set up and use with no water or electricity required. Great for large or small jobs. Proudly made in the USA.
  • Carbide cutting wheel provides smooth cuts
  • 7-1/4" work space on both sides of breaker bar
  • Cuts up to 10" tile
  • Adjustable angle gauge for consistent cuts
Item ID ST006
Weight 9.00 LB (4.08 kg)
Length 15 in. (38.10 cm)
Width 15 in. (38.10 cm)
Height 6.625 in. (16.82750 cm)
Material Cast Aluminum Base, Carbide Cutting Wheel
Blade Material Carbide Cutting Wheel
Blade Length 1/2" Diameter
Blade Type #400 Cutting Wheel (ST048)
Handle "A" Type Handle (ST070)
Handle Material Metal
Accessories Tile Protectors (ST072), Replacement Carbide Cutting Wheel (ST048), Replacement Handle (ST070), Replacement Pads (ST060)