Replacement Blades For Grout Saw (ST147)

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Package of 2 Grout Saw Replacement Blades Great for grinding, cleaning, or removing old grout! Package includes two grout blades. One blade features a carbide grit edge to keep its sharpness longer. The second blade is serrated. When the two blades are combined the serrated blade helps move the grout dust out of the way to cut through the material. Use one blade for walls and thin grout lines. Use both blades for floors and thicker groutlines. Attaches to Kraft Tool Co.® Grout Saw (ST147).
  • Great for grinding, cleaning, or removing old grout!
  • 1 carbide edged blade for long wear
  • 1 saw tooth blade moves away dust
  • Use two blades for wide lines
Item ID ST148
Weight 0.10 LB (0.05 kg)
Length 2 in. (5.08 cm)
Material 1 blade carbide tipped
Package Contents 2 Blades (1 serrated, 1 carbide-edged)
Blade Material Carbide-Edged
Accessories Grout Saw (ST147)