7” Rapid Square with Manual

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Rapid Square Durable, yet lightweight aluminum construction. Both sides of this 7" square has easy-to-read dark, permanent graduations imbedded into the surface. The grey color has a flat finish to prevent glare when working with this tool. A 7/8" lip on one side of the triangle rests on the end of boards and walls for easy marking. Marked at 1/8" graduations. This square features 5 tools in 1 including a try square, miter square, protractor, inscriber, and saw guide. Strong construction won't bend or break. A hang hole in the blade for easy storage. An instruction manual is included. The instructions manual includes how to use the square for all rafter types including common, valley, hip, valley jack, hip jack, cripple jack, and dormer rafters. Charts are provided to determine rafter lengths based upon popular rise, pitch, and degrees. Proudly made in the USA.
  • Lightweight aluminum construction
  • Durable construction won't bend or break
  • Easy to read permanent graduations
  • 5 tools in 1 (try square, miter square, protractor, inscriber & saw guide)
Item ID SLRS45
Weight 0.50 LB (0.23 kg)
Length 7 in. (17.78 cm)
Width 7.125 in. (18.09750 cm)
Material Aluminum alloy
Color Grey
Finish Flat
Package Contents Rafter Square