48" Keyhole Box Level

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Keyhole Box Level The easy to grip keyhole shape provides a firm base for leveling. The wide bottom has a channel to balance on pipes and other rounded surfaces, making it a popular choice in plumbing. An extra large center vial is easy to read. A unique plumb vial feature can be read on the side or from the top, making working on walls and door jambs easy. A total of 3 vials, 1 top-reading and 2 plumb vials are accurate to .005" per inch. Shock absorbent end caps provide strength and durability on the job site. A hand hole with comfort grip is easy to grasp and makes for easy movements. Each end features a hang hole for easy storage.
*The keyhole shape does not fit in Sands Level Cases.
  • Vials are accurate to .005" per inch
  • Easy-to-grip keyhole shape provides strength
  • Extra large center vial is easy to read
  • Unique top and side reading plumb vial for versatility
Item ID SLK48
Weight 3.30 LB (1.50 kg)
Length 48 in. (121.92 cm)
Color Red
Package Contents Level
Handle 1 Hand Hole