24" Round Edge Seal Coat Squeegee with 7' Handle

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Round Edge Sealcoating Squeegee
  • Rounded Edge allows a thin layer of material to be placed on a surface
  • Neoprene withstands temperatures up to 220°F
Item ID GG844RE
Weight 5.40 LB (2.45 kg)
Length 24 in. (60.96 cm)
Height 84 in. (213.36 cm)
Material Aluminum
Blade Material Neoprene
Blade Length 24 in. (60.96 cm)
Blade Type Round Edge
Handle Material Anodized Aluminum
Handle Length 84 in. (213.36 cm)
Accessories 24" Round Edge Neoprene Refill (GG844RE-01)