4" Replacement Blade for Wall Shaver (ST298)

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Heavy-Duty Replacement Blades Easily remove vinyl, ceramic tile, and adhesives with less effort. This 4" heavy-duty blade scrapes away at flooring material for remodeling or new construction. Five blades are included in a plastic container for secure storage until they are needed. Easily attaches to the Wall Shaver (ST298) for quick changes.
  • Small yet forceful blade
  • 4 In. long blade
  • Replacement blades for Wall Shaver/Scraper (ST298)
  • Set of 5 Blade
Item ID ST299
Weight 0.10 LB (0.05 kg)
Width 4 in. (10.16 cm)
Accessories Heavy-Duty Wall Shaver/Scraper (ST298)