3/8" Ornamental Leaf & Square Tool

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3/8" Leaf and Square Ornamental Tool Design ornate details on foam, in plaster, or other materials with this professional grade tool. The tool is forged and tempered steel for a long life of many uses. One end of the tool has a 3/8 in. leaf and the other side features a square. Different ends expand the versatility for the user to use to shape and smooth the material for a professional finish. The size of the tool and head are great for delicate details in small areas. The tool's shape provides knuckle clearance as you work. Overall length is 8-1/2 In.. Kraft Tool Co.® has been an American manufacturer of quality hand tools for the concrete, masonry, asphalt, plaster, drywall, tile, floor covering, and leveling trades for over 35 years.
  • The plasterer's delight!
  • Forged and tempered
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