Oval Mixer - 26" Long

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Oval Mixer This zinc plated steel stands up to rugged use. The zinc plating resists corrosion that comes with use in a variety of liquid and powdered materials. Use this mixing paddle with self-leveling material, epoxy, plaster and other high viscosity material. The oval design of the mixer effectively removes air from mixed materials. The mixer head measures 10" tall and 5" wide to thoroughly mix materials. Shaped to fit along the inside edge of barrels to mix all of the materials thoroughly without waste. The 26" long shaft fits in mixing barrels without back strain for leaning over. Use this mixing paddle with a 7/16" hex shaft with 1/2" drills.
  • Use to mix high viscosity materials
  • Zinc plated steel resists corrosion
  • Oval shape removes air from mixture
  • Mixer fits along inside edge of barrels
Item ID DC717
Weight 1.40 LB (0.64 kg)
Length 5 in. (12.70 cm)
Width 5 in. (12.70 cm)
Width2 7/16 in. Hex Shaft
Height 26 in. (66.04 cm)
Diameter 5- in. (12.70 cm)
Material Zinc Plated Steel
Finish Zinc Plated