24" Shaft Mixer with 2 Welded Wheels

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24 In. Shaft 2 Wheel Spiffy Mixer This heavy-duty mixer is ideal for mixing pigments and other materials such as paint, epoxies, and drywall mud. Two 5" fan blades move to thoroughly mix compounds. The five fingered fan are shaped to move the material between the blades for even coverage. Each finger has a hole to allow material to flow through and eliminate clumps. The fixed blades are welded approximately 3-1/4" apart for optimal flow between the blades. Use this mixer for small to mid-size containers. The sturdy zinc plated mixer protects the mixer from corrosion. The 24" long steel shaft is 3/8" wide and hex shaped. For use in a 1/2" slow-speed drill. Proudly made in the USA.
  • Blends pigments and other materials
  • 5 fingered blade with holes to avoid clumps
  • 2 fixed blades, welded for security
  • Zinc-plated to avoid corrosion
Item ID DC304
Weight 1.30 LB (0.59 kg)
Length 5 in. (12.70 cm)
Width 5 in. (12.70 cm)
Height 24 in. (60.96 cm)
Diameter 5- in. (12.70 cm)
Material Zinc Plated Steel
Finish Zinc Plated
Package Contents Mixer with 2 blades
Blade Material Zinc-plated steel
Blade Length 5 in. (12.70 cm)
Blade Type 5 Fingered