18 oz Checkered Face Heavy-Duty Hammer with 16" Handle

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16in Handle 18oz Head Drywall Hammer Chrome-plated head features a crowned, checkered face. This design makes nailing easier and prevents to possibility of breaking the surface of wallboard. The 1-3/4 In. blade scores drywall for rough cut openings. The axe blade also has a puller notch for nails. The lightweight, yet durable head is securely attached to a wood handle. The 13 oz. head is perfectly balanced and attached to a the 16" handle. Proudly made in the USA.
  • Chrome plated head
  • Crowned checkered face for easy nailing
  • 1-3/4 In. blade scores drywall for cutting
  • Perfectly balanced tool
Item ID DW264
Weight 1.50 LB (0.68 kg)
Handle Material Wood
Handle Length 16 in. (40.64 cm)