Clevis to Male Threaded Handle Adapter

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Clevis to Male Thread Clevis to Male Thread Adapter Expand the use of your tools with this adapter. All your concrete tools can use the same handles with this adapter. This tool allows finishers to use lightweight bull float thread handles with clevis style bracket assemblies. Tool attaches to clevis bracket to use with threaded handles. Adapts clevis style tools such as fresnos, brooms, walking edgers, and walking groovers to use with threaded bull float handles.
  • Durable steel construction
  • Attaches to clevis brackets
  • Use with threaded bull float handles
  • Perfect for adapting brooms, fresnos, or walking groovers and edgers
Item ID CC337
Weight 1.00 LB (0.45 kg)
Material Steel
Package Contents Adapter and Hardware
Handle Use with Threaded Bull Float Handles
Bracket Use with Clevis Brackets