120" Channel Float Blade with Handle & Braces

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Round End Channel Float The perfect tool for many jobs such as flatwork, paving for an especially flat surface. Made of Genuine Extru-Lite™ Magnesium, which is 30% lighter than aluminum. The extruded magnesium makes for an extra strong float. The 120" x 6" round end float is properly balanced to prevent digging into concrete as it finishes. The 2" sides produces the channel for which the tool is named. This special design creates a stiffer, more rigid blade that resists warping to improve flatness for smoothing paving work. Designed for use with 4-hole brackets (sold separately). Kraft Tool's Double-Tilt Action Brackets (#CC270, #CC290, #CC294, and #CC296) or Single-Tilt Action Brackets (#CC696 or #CC800) are popular choices for brackets. Handle choices are determined by the user's choice in bracket. Proudly made in the USA.
  • Special design improves flatness
  • Broken-in rounded edges
Item ID CC050-01
Weight 26.70 LB (12.11 kg)
Length 10 ft. (3.0480 m)
Width 6 in. (15.24 cm)
Material Genuine Extru-Lite™ Magnesium
Blade Material Genuine Extru-Lite™ Magnesium
Handle 10' Button Handle with Insert (CC291)<
Handle Material Aluminum
Handle Length 10 ft. (3.0480 m)
Bracket Not Included - Use with 4 or 6 hole brackets