24" Wood Concrete Finishing Broom Head

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2-3/8in Bristles Concrete Finishing Broom Soft plastic bristles provide a fine finish on newly poured concrete. The 2-3/8" long-wearing bristles are set solidly in wood. The 24" solid wood base is smooth for use by hand in small spaces and touch ups. Use the hang hole to protect the bristles when not in use. Use with the standard broom thread handles. The 5' Wood Handle (CC163) is recommended, or for a longer reach the 6' Wood Handle (CC163L) Attach a bracket for a greater range of motion. The Flipper Tilt Bracket (CC496) and Multi-Twist™ Bracket (CC688) are recommended. Proudly made in the USA.
  • Soft, plastic bristle, designed to give a fine finish on newly poured concrete
  • Long wearing bristles are set solidly in wood
Item ID CC165-01
Weight 1.90 LB (0.86 kg)
Length 24 in. (60.96 cm)
Material Wood Base, Plastic Bristles
Handle Not Included - Use with Broom Thread Handle or Adapter
Trim Material Plastic
Trim Length 2.375 in. (6.03250 cm)
Bracket Broom Thread