14" x 3/4" Replacement Blade for 14" Hubbard Sled Runner (BL286)

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3/4" Blade Hubbard Sled Runner Replacement Blade (Only)
  • Polished case-hardened steel creates smooth joints
  • Use to create concave, half-round sunken joints
  • Turn the blade during use helps distribute the wear
  • Attaches to the Hubbard Sled Runner (BL286)
Item ID BL287
Weight 0.40 LB (0.18 kg)
Length 13 in. (33.02 cm)
Diameter 3/4 in. (1.9050 cm)
Material Case Hardened Steel
Blade Material Steel
Blade Length 14 in. (35.56 cm)
Blade Type Concave Joint
Accessories 14" Hubbard Sled Runner (BL286)