"Hunter" Braided Nylon Mason's Line - 250' Tube

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Green, Gold, and Brown Braided Mason's Line The special braiding process aids the elasticity and eliminates sagging. This tube of 250 feet of hunter inspired line is easy to see on the job site. The nylon line won't mildew or see the effects of moisture and humidity like other lines. The tight braid can be pulled taut along block and line holders for a straight accurate line. The line is tested to 170 lbs. for superior hold. The line is abrasion and alkali resistant and stands up to the abuse of a job site from trowels striking it. Also practical to use while hunting as the line blends in with foliage. Proudly made in the USA.
  • Special braiding process aids elasticity and eliminates sagging
  • 170 lb. test for strength
  • 250' of braided nylon line
  • Abrasion and alkali resistant
Item ID BC486T
Weight 0.30 LB (0.14 kg)
Length 250 ft. (76.2000 m)
Capacity 170# test
Material Nylon
Color Hunter - Green, Gold & Brown
Finish Braided
Package Contents 1 Tube of Line
Accessories Line Pins (BL158, BL159, RO2122) Line Twigs (BL156), Line Blocks (BL242, BL350, SLLB2, BL348, BL349), Corner Blocks (BL253) Line Stretchers (BL343, BL342, BL341, BL147, BL148) Clips (BL250, BL251)