3/4" Replacement Blade for Hubbard Jointer (BL280)

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Hubbard Jointer Replacement Blade This replacement blade fits easily, yet securely on the handle of the Hubbard Jointer (BL280). The 3/4 In. polished steel jointer blade makes smooth grooves every time. Wear is distributed during use by simply revolving the tubular steel blade. Use to create concave masonry joints. This concave joint creates a tight seal in the mortar to resist water penetration, the most popular joint in the United States. This unique tool was designed by a bricklayer with 60 years experience. Proudly made in the USA.
  • Polished steel creates smooth joints every time
  • Creates an inverted rounded impression (concave) joint
  • Fits securely on Hubbard Jointer (BL280)
Item ID BL283
Weight 0.10 LB (0.05 kg)
Diameter 3/4 in. (1.9050 cm)
Material Steel
Blade Material Steel
Blade Length 3.125 in. (7.93750 cm)
Blade Type Concave Joint
Accessories Hubbard Jointer (BL280)