4# Toothed Bush Hammer

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1-3/4in Square Face Toothed Bush Hammer This strong 4 pound head provides force when chipping away at stone and brick. The head is forged and tempered from the highest quality tool steel. A 1-1/2" square face features precision cut milled teeth. The grid of conical sharp points provide superior cutting action and longer wear. The grid face of the hammer can create a weathered look on new bricks and concrete making it a handy tool for restoration to match existing weathered and texturized looks. The face also can be used to prep concrete overlays as it increases the bonding effectiveness by increase the surface area. A 10" smooth wood handle completes the tool creating a comfortable grip when working in masonry and tile. Proudly made in the USA.

WARNING: Always use proper eye protection when using brick hammers.
  • Milled teeth on square head
  • 1-3/4" square face
Item ID BL444
Weight 4.20 LB (1.91 kg)
Handle Wood Hammer
Handle Material Wood