32oz Brick Hammer with 15" Wood Handle

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Long Handle Brick Hammer This heavy-duty brick hammer has 32 oz. head to provide force when chipping away at stone and brick. The head is forged from the highest quality tool steel. A 1-1/8" square flat face provides a solid base when used with brick and tile chisels. The other side of the 8-3/4" head features a 1-3/8" chisel end for breaking brick and stone. The 15" smooth wood handle allows for a comfortable grip when working in masonry. Proudly made in the USA.

Warning: Always wear eye protection when using this tool.
  • High quality steel head
  • Square flat face is great on its own or with a chisel
  • Chisel end for breaking brick, block, and stone
  • 32 oz. strong steel head
Item ID BL152L
Weight 2.90 LB (1.32 kg)
Length 8.875 in. (22.54250 cm)
Width 1.125 in. (2.85750 cm)
Width2 1.375 in. (3.49250 cm)
Height 15 in. (38.10 cm)
Material Steel, Wood
Package Contents Hammer
Handle Hammer Handle
Handle Material Wood
Handle Length 15 in. (38.10 cm)