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24" x 12" Lexan® Knock Down Knife

24" x 12" Lexan® Knock Down Knife
SKU: DW194

Create a subtle knockdown, mottled texure on ceilings and drywall with this blade. The 24" long Lexan® blade is strong for extended use. The translucent plastic blade is 12" wide to allow just enough give to allow for ease in movements. The blade tapers to the base making movements easier, especially when working on corners. The blade is secured to an aluminum base to which the handle is secured. The handle is secured to the mounting with no wobble. The wider handle allows for a firm grip. A textured plastic handle allows for a comfortable, yet firm grip. For extended reach such as ceilings a broom thread handle can be added to the end of the handle. A hang hole for easy storage completes the tool. Proudly made in the USA.

  • Clear, durable, flexible Lexan® blade
  • Use for drywall, EIFS and accoustical jobs
  • Create a subtle texture or popcorn effect on walls and ceilings
  • Tapered blade for easy movements
  • Handle has broom threaded ends for extended reach
  • Made in the USA
Products specifications
HandleThreaded End Handle
Handle MaterialPlastic
BracketBroom Thread End
Blade Length24"

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