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48" x 5" Multi-Trac Fresno 1-1/2" Spacing with Threaded Bracket

48" x 5" Multi-Trac Fresno 1-1/2" Spacing with Threaded Bracket
SKU: CC888

A popular tool to create non-skid surfaces on safety ramps, highways, bridges, and driveways. The Multi-Trac Groover produces a uniform rough groove surface on roads and ramps to keep water flowing off the surface and provide traction. This high quality #18 gauge stainless steel blade ensures an extra smooth working surface for a quality finish. The 5" wide blade moves smoothly through concrete. The 4' long fresno creates 1/4" deep, 1/4" wide grooves 1-1/2" apart on center. These parallel lines provide a safety tread effect on high traffic areas such as ramps, driveways, and sidewalks. The square ends of the fresno allow the user to work against forms and walls for even coverage. A 45" long 1/2" square steel mounting is centered on the 48" blade to help keep the trowel flat. A strong threaded cast aluminum bracket is attached to the fresno. Uniquely designed bracket has teeth to keep handle at set angle without slippage. Single tilt bracket moves handle 180° for back and forth movements. Made in the USA.

  • Produces a uniform sharp groove in various concrete applications
  • Grooves on 1-1/2 in. centers
Products specifications
MaterialStainles Steel Blade, Cast Aluminum Bracket
Package ContentsFresno & Threaded Bracket
Blade MaterialStainless Steel
Blade TypeMulti-Trac Fresno
Bit Width1/4"
Bit Depth1/4"
Blade Length48"