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Multi-Twist™ 2-Hole Handle Bracket

Multi-Twist™ 2-Hole Handle Bracket
SKU: CC688

The Multi-Twist™ bracket is small yet mighty! The unique Bracket provides a full 360° of rotation to work from any angle for even coverage. Twist the handle/adapter to tighten and secure angle. Large range of motion is great for hard to reach places and working around obstructions. This 6-Hole Bracket attaches to both 2-hole and 4-hole tools for more versatility. The bracket fits on bull floats, brooms, edgers, groovers, and other 2-hole and 4-hole tools. Bracket must be used with user's choice of Multi-Twist™ Threaded Handle Adapter (CC685) or Button Handle Adapter (CC689). Bright orange bracket is easy to spot on the jobsite.

  • Connects to Multi-Twist™ Handle Adapters
  • Designed to fit 2-hole and 4-hole brackets
  • Bracket rotates 360° to work from any angle
  • Handle Adapter locks bracket into any of 360° to work from all angles
  • Use with bull floats, fresnos, and other 2- or 4-hole tools
  • Must use with a Multi-Twist™ Handle Adapter
  • Bright orange color is easy to spot on job site
  • Great for use on hard to reach spaces
Products specifications
Bracket2 Bolt Attachment
Country of OriginForeign Origins - Subject to Change

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