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Funny Trowel Bracket

Funny Trowel Bracket
SKU: CC661

This 24 In. trowel is made from high quality blue steel for a perfect finish. Round ends eliminates marking and gouging of concrete. A 21 In. long 1/2 In. square steel mounting is centered on the blade to help keep the trowel flat. The 5 In. wide tool allows for proper coverage as the user mops the cement to finish. A great tool when an extended reach is desired for finishing under overhangs or around obstructions. A two-way clevis bracket is centered on the tool for even coverage. The bracket allows for the handle to extend out along the long side of the trowel for easier mopping action. Accepts clevis handles, sold separately. Use with a handle adapters for use with bull float extension handles, sold separately. Proudly made in the USA.

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