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8" x 8" 3/4"R Stainless Steel Walking Seamer/Edger with Threaded Handle Socket

8" x 8" 3/4"R Stainless Steel Walking Seamer/Edger with Threaded Handle Socket
SKU: CC038

The 8" long special brushed stainless steel blade moves smoothly along the edge of concrete slabs. The high quality #18 gauge metal ensures an extra smooth working surface for a quality finish. This edger creates a 3/4" radius on the edge of concrete slabs to prevent that edge from chipping with wear. The lip extends down 7/8" for even coverage along ends and forms. The 8" square tool provides the perfect amount of coverage on sidewalks and projects large and small. An electronically welded back plate provides a place for four rivets to secure the bracket base to the edger. The bracket is designed to adjust 180° degrees to go back and forth along the cement. The toothed bracket tightens to set and keep a desired angle. The bracket and socket is made of cast aluminum for long wearing use. Use with threaded bull float extension handles, sold separately. Use with a threaded bull float handle adapter for more versatility. Proudly made in the USA.

  • 3/4" radius on #18 gauge brushed stainless steel blade
  • Creates smooth radius to prevent chipping of concrete
  • Rivet free for a smooth, clean finish
  • Toothed bracket assembly locks angle
  • Use with Threaded Bull Float Handles
Products specifications
MaterialStainless Steel Blade; Cast Aluminum Socket
Package ContentsEdger & Handle Socket
Blade Material#18 Gauge Stainless Steel
Blade TypeEdger
Blade Length8"