54" High-Visibility Drywall T-Square 3/16" Thick (2 pack)

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High-Visibility Drywall T-Square The bright yellow paint makes this aluminum T-Square easy to spot on the jobsite. The 54" blade is longer than standard T-squares for big jobs. Long-wearing black markings are easy to read. The reverse ruled body is easy to read from either direction. The 2" wide blade of the T-Square features 1/16" graduations for precision. The 16" arm and markings at 16" on blade makes it easy to locate studs. Notched head has a lip that rests on the edge of wallboard and drywall to easily mark for cuts. Four rivets connect the tongue and body for rugged durability. Includes a hang hole for easy storage. Proudly made in the USA.
  • Long-wearing, black easy-to-read 1/16" markings
  • Special markings at 16" for quick stud finding
  • 4 rivet construction provides superior strength
  • Bright yellow is easy to read and easy to find on the job site
Item ID DW226
Weight 2.60 LB (1.18 kg)
Length 55.5 in. (140.970 cm)
Width 22 in. (55.88 cm)
Width2 2 in. (5.08 cm)
Thickness 0.1875 in. (0.476250 cm)
Material Aluminum
Color Yellow
Finish Painted
Package Contents 2 T-Squares