Miter Snips

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Miter Snips This handy Miter Snip tool is perfect for the professional contractor, plasterer, homeowner, or crafter. This patented tool (US Patent #6,973,725 B2) accurately cuts angles in seconds. The strong (replaceable) blade cuts material up to 1' wide and 0.5' thick. It cuts plastic, decorative moldings, tile edges/trim, and many other materials. The adjustable miter fence features a built in protractor to quickly set up measurements for accurate cuts. The Snips come set up with seven preset angles: 45-degree, 60-degree, 75-degree, 90-degree, 105-degree, 120-degree, and 135-degree. You can easily change the angle by sliding the self-indexing metal guide to the desired angle. A safety lock handle protects the fingers and the blade when not in use. Bright orange rubber grips provide a secure, yet comfortable grasp when squeezing the Snips. Made from rust resistant stainless steel for a long life.

SAFETY FIRST: Always wear safety goggles when using Snips.
  • Cuts plastic, decorative moldings, tile edges/trim, as well as other materials
  • Accurately cuts angles in seconds up to 1" wide x 1/2" thick
  • Seven popular preset angles ranging from 45°-135°
  • Built in protractor for quick set-up of measurements
Item ID LA355
Weight 1.00 LB (0.45 kg)
Length 12 in. (30.48 cm)
Width 4.75 in. (12.0650 cm)
Height 2.75 in. (6.9850 cm)
Material Stainless Steel
Blade Material Stainless Steel
Blade Length 1 in. (2.54 cm)
Handle Non-slip Grip
Handle Material Plastic
Accessories Top Cutting Replacement Blade (LA355-01)