ProForm® Hand Float Handle with Holes for MAG-150™ (CF150PF) and Thinline Pro (CF064PF) Floats

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Drilled and Countersunk Replacement Float Handle
  • Counterbored to Fit CF064 and CF150 Floats
  • Wider diameter handle for improved user control
Item ID CF266CB
Weight 0.30 LB (0.14 kg)
Length 10 in. (25.40 cm)
Material ProForm® Soft Grip
Package Contents Handle
Handle ProForm® (U.S. Patent #6,473,939 B1 & #6,821,468 B2) (CF266CB)
Handle Material ProForm® Soft Grip
Handle Length 10 in. (25.40 cm)
Accessories MAG-150™ Float (CF150PF), < a href="/Products/CF064PF">ThinLine Pro Float (CF064PF)