48" Flat Wire Texture Broom - 1" Spacing

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Flat Wire Texture Broom The Flat Wire Texture Broom produces a rough groove surface on roads and bridges to alleviate the monotonous noise of tires rolling on a grooved highway surface and keep water flowing off the road. The snap-out, snap-in replaceable tines are blue spring steel. The standard exposed length, extending from comb head, is 5” in length by 1/8” in width. Tine spacing is usually specified in measurements of center to center, the dimension between the center of a tine to the center of the next tine. The 48” long Flat Wire Texture Broom features 1” tine spacing from center to center.
  • Broom produces a uniform rough groove surface on roads and bridges for max traction and water flow
  • Spacing is 1/2" center to center
  • Snap-out, snap-in replaceable tines are blue spring steel
  • 5" Long tines are 1/8" wide and .028" to create grooves for non-skid surfaces
Item ID CC198-1
Weight 3.10 LB (1.41 kg)
Length 48 in. (121.92 cm)
Pattern 1" on center
Material Aluminum Head; Cast Aluminum Bracket; Blue Steel Tines
Package Contents Texture Broom with Bracket
Blade Length 48 in. (121.92 cm)
Blade Type Texture Broom
Handle Not Included - Use with Trim Material Blue Spring Steel
Trim Length 5 in. (12.70 cm)
Bracket Broom Bracket (CC494)
Accessories 10 pack of Replacement Tines (CC200-10), 100 pack of Replacement Tines (CC200-100)