24" Wood Medium-General Purpose (Black Poly) Cement Finish Broom

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Medium - General Purpose Concrete Finishing Broom Brush down new concrete after floating with this poly fiber broom. Popular for finishing sidewalks and driveways or wherever a finish with some traction is desired. The 3-1/8" medium/general purpose black poly bristles are epoxy set for long wear and durability. The poly bristles create an even, consistent finish on fresh concrete. The 24" solid hardwood provides a sturdy long-wearing base for the bristles. The block is lacquered finish to just the right feel and finish for your needs. A clevis handle bracket is included and attaches to the broom. All-angle broom thread adapter (#CC493) fits on bracket, sold separately. Use it with clevis style handles, or attach a threaded or button bull float handle adapter for more versatility and a longer reach across the cement slab. Attach the Flipper Tilt Bracket™ (#CC496) to maximize your range of motion, sold separately. Proudly made in the USA.
  • Made from solid hardwood lacquered blocks for just the right feel and finish
  • All bristles are glued for straightness and strength
Item ID CC170
Weight 2.20 LB (1.00 kg)
Length 24 in. (60.96 cm)
Handle Not Included - Use with a Clevis Handle or Adapter
Trim Material Black Poly
Trim Length 1.125 in. (2.85750 cm)
Bracket Broom Bracket (CC494)