Tenite Line Blocks (Pair)

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Bulk Tenite Line Blocks Create an even brick or block course with line blocks. Secure the 3-3/8" block on the outside corners of your masonry project with the line knotted to hold it in place. Run the line through the channels on the block to eliminate obstructions and protect the line for wearing down. Retighten the line as you move it up your wall to create a straight row with each new course. Use with Kraft Tool Co.® or W. Rose™ Mason's Line for superior results as you create an even brick line. Tenite plastic blocks are a strong alternative to traditional wood blocks. There strength and hardness makes for a long life of use. The bright yellow color stands out on traditional brick and block for ease of use. The blocks are sold in pairs. Proudly made in the USA.
  • Grips the wall tightly and will not split or break
  • Stretch mason's line for straight courses
  • Made of hard tenite (plastic)
  • Sold in pairs
Item ID BL349
Weight 0.10 LB (0.05 kg)
Length 3.375 in. (8.57250 cm)
Material Tenite Plastic
Color Yellow
Package Contents 2 Tenite Line Blocks
Accessories Mason's Line, Line Twigs, and Pins